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Green wall WILD and 3D branding with lighting

In 2020 NIKO's main confectionery was renovated with a new interior and several large green walls were installed by BIOboard in the pasty shop. Continuing its policy for a green look of the NIKO's image, one of the sweetest pastry shops decided to brand its new stand in Metro Cash and Carry store in Sofia with an innovative green wall of the MOSS wild series. 

The harmony between the natural greenery by BIOboard and the elegant backlit logo creates a unique and memorable image.

The interior green walls from the MOSS wild series create a feeling of closeness to nature and have a relaxing effect. It is very typical that they do not require watering, maintenance or special care and are made of natural plants in preserved state. The variety and richness of plant species depends on the design composition and may contain Scandinavian and other types of forest moss, natural stone accents, eucalyptus branches, ivy, ferns, lilac branches, wild grapes, etc.

Address: Metro Cash&Carry Sofia 1 - Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Product type: MOSS wild series by BIOboard

Plant types: reindeer and other types of forest moss, eucalyptus branches, ivy, lilac branches, fruits and branches of wild grapes

Dimensions: 150 by 140 cm

Year: 2021

Photos: BIOboard