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Decorative shaped green panels

MOSS logo for Mr Almond store

After a short closure for repairs and interior renovation, Mr. Almond's store reopened its doors with a very sunny mood and a completely transformed interior space renovated with many special materials, green moss panels and branding with Scandinavian moss MOSSdesign by BIOboard.

The iconic Mr Almond logo is made of Scandinavian moss and stands out at the background wall made of white decorative bricks. The green panel with a size of 90 by 60 cm is built into a specially built niche at the wall surface of natural wood and puts a fresh green interior accent next to the shelves with delicious nuts.

Address: Sofia, zh.k. Mladost 1, next to Metro station

Interior design: Auly Interior Design Studio

Green decorations: Scandinavian moss MOSSdesign by BIOboard

Color: Autumn 51, Spring green

Dimensions: Green panel 90 by 60 cm and letters of moss with a height of 30 cm

Year of implementation: 2020

Photos: Mr Almond